Special Offer -Order 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle (Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) only at $69.99/m

Everybody needs fast and reliable internet. CIK Telecom gives you the special offer on 60 Cable internet plan in West Coast. 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle the more advanced plan for faster browsing, frequent video streaming and gaming and includes the Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels $69.99/m.

Cable Internet 60M

You can access the huge network of super-fast 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle ( Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) at $69.99/m. This discount is used at the time of the order .

 PLAN NAME :  CableExpressPlus + Home Phone

More Details:

1.       Download speed up to 60 Mbps
2.       Upload speed up to 6 Mbps
3.       Regular Price $109.99 and Special Price $69.99/month
4.       Monthly Rental, Purchase, options are available
5.       No Contract
6.       Substantial usage speed may vary
7.       Recommended for a family with advanced applications such as 1080P HD TV
8.       Unlimited Canada-wide calling

For more information visit our website or call us on 416-848-1517.


Get 100Pcs Phone Set with Order of High Speed FTTN 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 Bundle in Ontario.

Check out 100Pcs  Phone set offer and save the most on FTTN 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 bundle plans in Ontario with the CIK Telecom – starting at $22.49/month  with no contract and  also Monthly Rental, Purchase, options are available

The new offer  is out . Get the speed you need and choose the internet speed you need to keep up with you  so that you never miss a thing.Whether you are an individual or family,  our FTTN 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 bundle plans will make you to  choose the best for you.


Offer – Order the FTTN 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 bundle plan in Ontario to get the 100pcs of Phone. The offer is limited and you can use Promo code – Gift2016

Below is the Detailed Information

  • Promo code “Gift2016”;
  • A free cordless phone set  will be give away with ordering our 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 bundle customers;
  • This free phone set offer cannot combine with shipping fee waive offer; means you  can only choose either one of the offer.
  • Limited quantity  (only 100pcs), first come first serve;
  • Phone set cannot be cashed.
  • This offer is only for Ontario.

Subscribe to this exclusive offer . Hurry Up Offer is till Limited Period only.For more information please call us at 416-848-1517 and will assist for further queries

Buy 15M 2 in 1 Cable Bundle Plan just at $39.99 with Free Home Phone.

Most of the customers might not realize it, but there are other wireless providers in the Canadian Market to give you the best deals on the bundle plans or Internet plans. For instance, CIK Telecom is offering the unlimited internet packages at affordable cost.

If you are looking for the best plan to enjoy the internet than go ahead to avail the benefits of the Cable Bundle plans with Canada’s Top ISP, CIK Telecom.


We provide discounts and deals on the bundle plans with the excellent customer service to support the customers. Set out to determine how significantly you can lower your monthly bill by busting up the cable bundle plan – 15M Cable 2 in 1 just at $39.99/m + free home phone, so sticking with your cable bundle may make the most sense.
Below are the plans details for the 15M Cable 2 in 1 Bundle plan:
  • Plan Available in AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S
  • Plan Name – Cable Basic + Home Phone (15M Cable 2 in 1 $39.99/m + free home phone)
  1. Download speed up to 15 Mbps
  2. Upload speed up to 512 Kbps
  3. Purchase Wired Modem MT130 $99; or Monthly rental fee $0 first year; $2.99/m thereafter
  4. Phone Box SVG6000RW is included, $0 rental fee; purchase $20(original $89)
  5. Processing fee $69.95 (Waive with hardware purchase)
  6. Shipping fee $9.95
  7. No Contract
  8. Unlimited Usage
  9. Unlimited Canada-wide calling^
Note – ^Except area code 1-867 and Canada Assistant Directory service.
It is best time for those customers who haven’t purchased the plans to avail the benefits of this bundle plan, so decide and find the way to buy the plan. For more offers and deals you can contact us at our 24/7 sales hotline 1-844-CIK-TELE.

What is the Basic Cost of Living in Canada?

Do you know how much does it cost you to live in Canada? Are you familiar with the average prices of daily things, beer, milk, taxi, internet?

Check out the info graphic to figure out the basic living costs in Canada.

 Article 1

Do you realize that Canadian pay $55.37 per month to access only 10 Mbps internet? Let’s see what you can get from these Canadian ISPs with around $60.

Article 2

Compared to these ISPs’ internet plans, CIK Telecom is offering such an incredible deal. Only $27.49/mo, you can enjoy 25M unlimited high speed internet. Besides, this deal comes with Home Phone and Air Mouse for FREE.


CIK Telecom is one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Canada. Our network coverage from East Coast to West Coast, cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

We have over 300 employees providing services to over 140,000 customers with 24 x 7  phone, live chat, and email support in 7 languages. We ranked 25th of the Fastest growing company among companies  in Canada. In year 2015, we awarded speed test.net Faster speed ranking number 4th among Internet service providers in Ontario.

CIRA’s New Study on Canadian Internet Speed across the Country.

The CIRA’s new study ( Canadian Internet Registration Authority) finds that Canadians internet speeds across the country vary widely.


Based on 126,000 Canadian internet users, who across the country participate by submitting their internet performance tests to the telecommunications company, CIRA summarizes the average download speed is 18.64 Mbps, and 7.26 Mbps upon upload speed.


According to cities, Toronto ranks top with average download speed of 22.33 Mbps, while western cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg come out in the bottom of the list, with Regina dead last among the twenty-five largest cities.


Whatever the reasons for all the different speeds and claims by service providers, CIRA says that access to fast, reliable and affordable Internet service is “critical” to the country’s economy and also an important social goal. Without good quality Internet connections, applications like voice over IP (VOIP), streaming video and media downloads are compromised.

Canadians visit website online and spend most of the time on Internet than any other nation. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) works on behalf of all Canadians to help figure the future of the Internet and around the world. Care about the future of your Internet? – CIRA is the place for you.

To protect the Canadian internet users from the threats posed by cyber criminals, the organization is working vigorously to increase the resiliency and efficiency of its network. As we know that transformed under a new strategic vision, CIRA is becoming more market eye in the industry with the communicate goal of civilizing the Canadian products and services for customers and stakeholders.

While CIRA has been serving Canadians, satisfying the critical missions and for more than 13 years, and if we see today it operates much like a stable, well-funded start-up, tackling projects with a greater quickness, creativity and innovation than ever before.

So if you have not huge download troubles, please keep calm and do not piss off your internet service provider.

Understand your bandwidth requirements, so that how much bandwidth do you need for your Internet connection? Well, that depends on your current usage and your future needs.

The above factor will likely end up pointing you toward best internet service providers in your near area and you won’t go too wrong with any of them. If you’re trying to make a final decision as smaller company can also actually in your town can do just better.

Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) can make an enormous difference in your happiness (or frustrations) as an internet user.

Canadians Can Get Cheaper Cable TV Packages than Before.

The CRTC (The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) stipulated telecoms to make basic cable TV package no more than $25/month. That means customers can get a way to receive cheaper cable TV.

The CRTC’s points is to let Canadians obtain basic TV channels(CBC, CTV etc.) with a low price instead of many channels they never watch with additional costs.

Most of Canadian telecoms offer skinny TV packages, including Bell, Rogers and Shaw. The interesting thing is that their price strategies chase CRTC’s $25 tightly.


The CRTC also requisite the service providers to offer either individual “pick-and-pay” channels or small bundles not more than the 10 channels.

As we know that Cable television is the source of entertainment. The Sufficient reason for  Private venture relocating the right course, along with directed federal government investment attempting to extend high-speed, what point is there in the CRTC making an irrelevant judgements in regards to what constitutes suitable broadband and forcing all telecom companies to comply?

Now latest company to catch the Internet-based is CIK Telecom & which already streams popular online, is working on a new service that would offer customers a Skinny Basic package. They offer the packages cheaper for consumers. Various people in the industry believe that lower prices are important to attract cable TV channels delivered over the Internet.

Various customers have complained about the new basic packages; even some of the rising ISP’s overcharge because the service providers take away bundling and other discounts offered with more exclusive service options.

It will be totally different if you take a look at CIK Telecom’s Skinny Basic package. It’s only $19.99, and includes around 50 well-known channels. Of course, there are lots of additional add-on channels costing from $7.99 to $19.99 per month.

cik 2

The customers have to choose the packages with awareness if they want to cover all of their bases. Though, a lot of people have been screaming for more options. We will keep you updated either way on the recent activities what is happening in the industry. For now, you can check out for the CIK Telecom’s Skinny Basic package is coming up with according to your needs.

For more Information see below:

Reference -http://ciktel.blogspot.ca/2016/05/canadians-can-get-cheaper-cable-tv.html.

SOLD OUT -CIK Telecom Deal on – Access Unlimited Internet at $29.99, Use Promo code CIK29.99

CIK Telecom offers High Speed Unlimited Internet plans  for the customers with an impressive collection  of Internet services and offers as well as 24/7 support. It’s our best savings unlimited offer.

Upgrade today for the Unlimited Internet to surf faster .Grab the deal at $29.99 per month and activation is available before 31st March 2016.

Customers can call us at 416-800-3830. Here is the  plan details , where new customers can obtain great deals .

Get Online Exclusive offer Use Promo code: CIK29.99 Here are the detail of the plans.

This is a Special offer and First year you will pay $29.99/m and $39.99/m thereafter:

  • Purchase modem + waive processing fee; OR rental + $29.95 processing fee.
  • Both options are waive first year rental fee; rental fee $2.99/m will be applied on the 2nd years and on.
  1. No contract.
  2. Shipping fee $9.95/m.
  3. Standard 30 days warranty.



Keep surfing the world of web in the social world which is enormous.  If you are searching for the best internet plans & comparing the unlimited internet rate plans than chose the best ISP.

You will never need to worry about monitoring your internet usage again. Stay connected throughout your home . We  allow you to connect multiple devices at once while delivering the best internet experience.

Here is the Detail of the plans :

1. Purchase Hardware : The details are

  • Upload upto 10M .
  • Download upto 15Mbps .
  • Unlimited usage .
  • No Contract.
  • Processing fee $29.95 (Orig. $69.95 – $40 onetime processing fee discount).
  • Modem Rental Fee First Year $0, $2.99/m thereafter; .
  • Shipping fee $9.95.

2. Hardware Rental :The details are

  • Upload upto 10M.
  • Download upto 15Mbps.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • No Contract.
  • Processing fee $29.95 (Orig. $69.95 – $40 onetime processing fee discount).
  • Modem Rental Fee First Year $0, $2.99/m thereafter;
  • Shipping fee $9.95


For the detailed Information visit the link – https://www.ciktel.com/eCare/ui/Eng/opp/index.asp to  know about the exciting offers.