What is the Basic Cost of Living in Canada?

Do you know how much does it cost you to live in Canada? Are you familiar with the average prices of daily things, beer, milk, taxi, internet?

Check out the info graphic to figure out the basic living costs in Canada.

 Article 1

Do you realize that Canadian pay $55.37 per month to access only 10 Mbps internet? Let’s see what you can get from these Canadian ISPs with around $60.

Article 2

Compared to these ISPs’ internet plans, CIK Telecom is offering such an incredible deal. Only $27.49/mo, you can enjoy 25M unlimited high speed internet. Besides, this deal comes with Home Phone and Air Mouse for FREE.


CIK Telecom is one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Canada. Our network coverage from East Coast to West Coast, cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

We have over 300 employees providing services to over 140,000 customers with 24 x 7  phone, live chat, and email support in 7 languages. We ranked 25th of the Fastest growing company among companies  in Canada. In year 2015, we awarded speed test.net Faster speed ranking number 4th among Internet service providers in Ontario.


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