The Best Broadband Internet Deals in Your Area

Finding the best broadband internet deals can be a bit of a minefield because there are so many options. If you’re looking for hot broadband deals, you’ve come to the right place! CIK Telecom is now offering great Internet packages to new residential customers.


Get the unbeatable Internet package in your area

West Coast: 120M High Speed Internet ONLY $59.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • FREE unlimited Canada-wide home phone
  • AC router FREE to use
  • 2 years price guarantee

Ontario: 15M High Speed Internet ONLY $39.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • FREE unlimited Canada-wide home phone
  • AC router FREE to use
  • 2 years price guarantee

Quebec: 10M FiberLite Internet ONLY $29.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • 2 years price guarantee

Limited time only; don’t miss it out. Visit to get incredible and consistently fast internet, home phone, and Cable TV service at a great price.

CIK Telecom is one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Canada. Our network coverage from East Coast to West Coast, cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We have over 300 employees providing services to over 160,000 customers with 24 x 7 phone, live chat, and email support in 8 languages. We ranked 25th of the Fastest growing company among companies in Canada. In year 2015, we awarded Faster speed ranking number 4th among Internet service providers in Ontario. Recently, CIK is ranked as one of the Top 10 Fastest ISPs in Canada in 2016 by PC Magazine.


No Contract, Unlimited Usage on order of 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle only at $69.99/m with 13Prizes Daily.

Compare the  best internet cable plans by top internet providers in West Caost. Find the best internet plan in West Coast with a click of a button.

Great News for the New Customers of West Coast (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan) – CIK Telecom is celebrating the 13th anniversary and on this special event, we are happy to announce you that we are offering special promotion plan of 60M Cable Triple Bundle at ONLY $69.99/month.

Check the details below  for 60M Cable 3 in 1 Bundle (Internet + Local TV + Home phone) .

  1. Download speed up to 60 Mbps
  2. Upload speed up to 6 Mbps.
  3. Regular Price $109.99 and Special Price $69.99/month.
  4. 1000M Router FREE Hardware Rental.
  5. No Contract.
  6. 50+ Local TV Channels.
  7. Unlimited Usage.
  8. Unlimited Canada-wide calling.


There will be a Daily Prize Draw

  • All new CIK customers will be entered 13th anniversary draw automatically to win big prizes.
  • The 13 prizes will be draw daily and posted on CIK official website/Facebook/Twitter. Please do check our Pages

    Grab the best offer and don’t any longer. Call us now at 1-844-2458353(CIKTEL) to order or to register online by visiting our official website  to get incredible and consistently fast internet, home phone, and Cable TV service at a great price.

CIK Telecom 13th Anniversary, 13 Prizes Giveaway Daily

Celebrating the special milestone with wonderful anniversary gifts on CIK Telecom 13th Anniversary , we are giving 13 prizes daily to our new customers.


Gifts include:

1.) Hand band

A scientifically-grounded wristband which monitors heart rate, tracks steps and distance, displays clock and more.

2.) Weight scale

CIK Wireless Weight scale is a smart weight scale which can save your weight automatic every time when you weight yourself and it keeps track of your weight and provide your advice for the health.

3.) Air mouse

It can be used as a remote control for CIK TV box, a mouse use for computer, a controller for CIK Jia Jia Sport game.

4.) Cordless phone set
An excellent solution for home or office use. Features include: interference free digital technology, handset with 10 select-able ring tones and backlit LCD display, caller ID with information on the last 30 calls, handset speakerphone, expandable up to 5 handsets.

Event Terms :

  • All CIK new customers will be entered CIK Telecom 13th anniversary lucky draw automatically.
  • Draw will be held daily at CIK Telecom Toronto head Office, 284 Consumers road, Toronto, ON M2J1P8.
  • Winners will be posted on CIK Telecom official website/Facebook/Twitter/WeChat account on daily basic.
  • All prizes need to be redeem at CIK Telecom local support centre/stores.
  • Prize valid up to 30 days from the date of post.
  • Prize can be shipped to customers upon request; extra shipping fee may applied.
  • Prize cannot be cashed.

Don’t miss out! Don’t forget about the gifts we are giving on 13th anniversary this year!

Special Offer -Order 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle (Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) only at $69.99/m

Everybody needs fast and reliable internet. CIK Telecom gives you the special offer on 60 Cable internet plan in West Coast. 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle the more advanced plan for faster browsing, frequent video streaming and gaming and includes the Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels $69.99/m.

Cable Internet 60M

You can access the huge network of super-fast 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle ( Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) at $69.99/m. This discount is used at the time of the order .

 PLAN NAME :  CableExpressPlus + Home Phone

More Details:

1.       Download speed up to 60 Mbps
2.       Upload speed up to 6 Mbps
3.       Regular Price $109.99 and Special Price $69.99/month
4.       Monthly Rental, Purchase, options are available
5.       No Contract
6.       Substantial usage speed may vary
7.       Recommended for a family with advanced applications such as 1080P HD TV
8.       Unlimited Canada-wide calling

For more information visit our website or call us on 416-848-1517.

Sold OUT -New Offer – Use Promo Code CIK29.99 & Get Cable Basic Plan 15M/512K at $29.99 in AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S.

CIK Telecom provides the new offer to fulfill the needs of every person located in  AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S by offering the  fast and best internet service without any denial . Everybody is known that  the internet has become the prime and the most important thing in today’s time.

If you can find there are various internet service providers in the Canada but CIK Telecom is serving the needs of the people for since many years from now and it is considered amidst the best internet Service providers in Canada

Order Online – CIK New Offer is out for the cable users which is the Cable Bundle Service and you can buy at inexpensive price in AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S using the promo code CIK29.99.


More Details are Below :

1. Download speed up to 15 Mbps
2. Upload speed up to 512 Kbps
3. Purchase D3 Wired Modem MT130 $99; Monthly rental fee $0 first year; $2.99/m thereafter
4. Processing fee $29.95 (original $69.95,Waived with modem purchase)
5. Shipping Fee $9.95
6. No Contract
7. Substantial usage speed may vary
8. Recommended for light single user with light traffic usually one person for web browsing, voip phone and limited video – Typically 1 computer/device and only 1 HD Video simultaneously.

It is important that you know how you spend the data rate that you consume by time, and it is  also be useful even when you are hiring a new plan or package.

For Further Assistance call us on 416-848-1517. Enjoy the best savings (conditions apply)!

SOLD OUT -CIK Telecom Deal on – Access Unlimited Internet at $29.99, Use Promo code CIK29.99

CIK Telecom offers High Speed Unlimited Internet plans  for the customers with an impressive collection  of Internet services and offers as well as 24/7 support. It’s our best savings unlimited offer.

Upgrade today for the Unlimited Internet to surf faster .Grab the deal at $29.99 per month and activation is available before 31st March 2016.

Customers can call us at 416-800-3830. Here is the  plan details , where new customers can obtain great deals .

Get Online Exclusive offer Use Promo code: CIK29.99 Here are the detail of the plans.

This is a Special offer and First year you will pay $29.99/m and $39.99/m thereafter:

  • Purchase modem + waive processing fee; OR rental + $29.95 processing fee.
  • Both options are waive first year rental fee; rental fee $2.99/m will be applied on the 2nd years and on.
  1. No contract.
  2. Shipping fee $9.95/m.
  3. Standard 30 days warranty.



Keep surfing the world of web in the social world which is enormous.  If you are searching for the best internet plans & comparing the unlimited internet rate plans than chose the best ISP.

You will never need to worry about monitoring your internet usage again. Stay connected throughout your home . We  allow you to connect multiple devices at once while delivering the best internet experience.

Here is the Detail of the plans :

1. Purchase Hardware : The details are

  • Upload upto 10M .
  • Download upto 15Mbps .
  • Unlimited usage .
  • No Contract.
  • Processing fee $29.95 (Orig. $69.95 – $40 onetime processing fee discount).
  • Modem Rental Fee First Year $0, $2.99/m thereafter; .
  • Shipping fee $9.95.

2. Hardware Rental :The details are

  • Upload upto 10M.
  • Download upto 15Mbps.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • No Contract.
  • Processing fee $29.95 (Orig. $69.95 – $40 onetime processing fee discount).
  • Modem Rental Fee First Year $0, $2.99/m thereafter;
  • Shipping fee $9.95


For the detailed Information visit the link – to  know about the exciting offers.