What are the Reasons & Solutions for Slow Internet Speed?

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This post is for those users who are facing the browsing issues like downloading speed is too slow or uploading speed is too slow.We know facing internet speed is a big problem nowadays.  You always take fast internet connection, but don’t always give you the high speed and you pay for the internet goes waste.

Generally, you do all the usual modem resetting tech support always requires but still you face the same problem.

Well, speed depends over a various aspects, to the both networks which are internal and external.Starting from the particular operating system , for an instance Network card, Network cable, Wireless Router, Broadband Modem  and possibly other various devices before you even get out of your house.



Reasons Why Your Internet Connection is Slow & what are Possible Solutions?

In this Post , I will discuss about the various reasons why your Internet connection may be running slow and what you can possibly do to fix those issues.

External Internet Speed Issues:

1. Shared Connections – If you are using the internet connection with many people , it means you feel that the Internet connection is slow .

  • Do a speed test at several times in the day and night Due to clogging speed is slowdown for not only you, but also everyone else using that same connection to the ISP.
  • Everyone streaming Netflix from 6 PM to 12 AM can definitely cause problems.

Possible Solution: If  Internet speed isn’t good enough for you, then you can check to see if your ISP provides Internet to your area .

2. Throttling –  Here you can see if ISP ‘s throttle certain types of traffic  during the downloading  on torrent and you are wondering what the reason is , it could be because your ISP can see it and isn’t going to let illegal activity eat up everyone else bandwidth.

Possible Solution:  The best solution is to use a VPN depending on the ISP, you may or may not be throttled.

3. Server Speeds & Location –  It depends which home phone & Internet plan you are using whether it is a 50 Mbps download/upload plan, it won’t really matter if the server sending you the data can only push it out at 2 Mbps.

  • If you are facing the slower speed only on the particular website it means  that  server is being overloaded or has some other issues.

Possible Solution: It’s nothing but you have to figure out which site often slows down  and who owns the domain .Send them the polite email , If it’s a government agency of any kind, you’re screwed.

Internal Internet Speed Issues :

Let’s take a look on internal issues. Let’s start at the very beginning: your computer.

1. Operating System – The reason could be operating system. Take an  advantage of using the latest networking protocols and services.

  • If you are using the Windows 2000 or OS X 10.4, you can face the problems with the  Internet speed.
  • If you are using the Windows XP, you should be fine, but you must not use it for further  reasons.
  • Viruses and malware  causes the slow internet speed which tend to communicate with master servers and depending on what kind of data they are stealing.

2. Web Browser – It totally depends upon the browser , what is the  version you are using. Better to upgrade the browsers.Might be worth trying a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox if you’re currently using IE.



3.  Cache & Cookies History- Don’t delete the browsing cache and history unless it is  required. It depends how many times you visit the website.

  • Caches and cookies are used to keep from having to request the same data from servers.
  • Clearing the cookies or the cache every time will slow down your  browser.
  • Block the Ads on websites to save the bandwidth if your Internet plan is already pretty slow and you can’t upgrade.
  • Avoid add-ons, toolbars or other extensions, which are installed in your browser or disable them.

4. Network Card – If you are using the wireless and speed is slow if you are using the wired Ethernet connection  and it bothers you . why that matters at all when the normal range of ISP speeds are from 4 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

Solution – Connecting directly via cable will give you the fastest possible speed without  upgrading your network card as long as it’s a gigabit port.

5. Wireless Router – Now it totally depends which  router you are using and what is the role it plays to your Internet speed. There are various things to consider when we look at the router, so let’s begin.

cik router


  1. Change Old Router-  If you are using the older router that means it can’t deliver you the full speed that your ISP plan provides.
  • If your ISP provides their own router, you need not to be worry about that particular issue.
  •  The  ISP routers  only last about a year or two before they just become miserably slow.
  • I have replaced my ISP routers within two years and the speeds always go back up to their original highs.

2. Location Matters- what is the location and placement of the router also matters . You can choose the two options either boost your WiFi signal or setup a second router that will act as a repeater or extender.

3. Router is not Secured Properly-  It depends upon the situation either people may be using your bandwidth  without any clue.

4. Choose Best ISP according to Area – Choose best ISP and get the complete information and guidance with the required information.


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