Canadians Can Get Cheaper Cable TV Packages than Before.

The CRTC (The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) stipulated telecoms to make basic cable TV package no more than $25/month. That means customers can get a way to receive cheaper cable TV.

The CRTC’s points is to let Canadians obtain basic TV channels(CBC, CTV etc.) with a low price instead of many channels they never watch with additional costs.

Most of Canadian telecoms offer skinny TV packages, including Bell, Rogers and Shaw. The interesting thing is that their price strategies chase CRTC’s $25 tightly.


The CRTC also requisite the service providers to offer either individual “pick-and-pay” channels or small bundles not more than the 10 channels.

As we know that Cable television is the source of entertainment. The Sufficient reason for  Private venture relocating the right course, along with directed federal government investment attempting to extend high-speed, what point is there in the CRTC making an irrelevant judgements in regards to what constitutes suitable broadband and forcing all telecom companies to comply?

Now latest company to catch the Internet-based is CIK Telecom & which already streams popular online, is working on a new service that would offer customers a Skinny Basic package. They offer the packages cheaper for consumers. Various people in the industry believe that lower prices are important to attract cable TV channels delivered over the Internet.

Various customers have complained about the new basic packages; even some of the rising ISP’s overcharge because the service providers take away bundling and other discounts offered with more exclusive service options.

It will be totally different if you take a look at CIK Telecom’s Skinny Basic package. It’s only $19.99, and includes around 50 well-known channels. Of course, there are lots of additional add-on channels costing from $7.99 to $19.99 per month.

cik 2

The customers have to choose the packages with awareness if they want to cover all of their bases. Though, a lot of people have been screaming for more options. We will keep you updated either way on the recent activities what is happening in the industry. For now, you can check out for the CIK Telecom’s Skinny Basic package is coming up with according to your needs.

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