We are Moving!


Our Toronto head office will be moved to 241 Whitehall Drive, Markham, ON, L3R 5G5 effective from May 29,2017. All Equipment return & mails in East Coast will be this new location.

Toronto Customer Support center current at 284 consumers Road will be closed on May 27 and will be re-open on May 29 at 282 Consumers Road, North York, M2J 1P8 temporarily till July 16,2017 with 7 days a week 10:00am to 5:00pm except stationary holiday for new customer signup, payment and equipment testing & replacement.


From July 17,2017, Toronto Customer support center will move to Unit 155, First Markham Place, 3255 Highway 7, Markham opening 7 days a week.


Obtenez 15M Internet et téléphone maison à seulement 29,99 $ / m

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Vous recherchez un Internet haut débit vraiment illimité et un kit de téléphone à un prix abordable? De bonnes nouvelles pour les clients au Québec, CIK lance une offre de paquet de temps limité pour un prix imbattable.


15 Mo 2 en 1 paquet (Internet + Téléphone à domicile) à seulement 29,99 $ / m *

 Vitesse de téléchargement jusqu’à 15 Mbps

 Utilisation illimitée

 Matériel GRATUIT à utiliser

 Aucun contrat

 Frais de traitement 29,95 $

 Appels illimités au Canada


Ne manquez pas. Passez ou appelez nous et économisez avec CIK Telecom!


Le plan ci-dessus ne correspond pas à vos besoins? Pas de problème! Nous avons divers accords sur Internet qui satisferont votre besoin . Visitez notre site Web à http://www.ciktel.com pour en savoir plus sur nos services.


CIK Telecom est l’un des plus importants fournisseurs indépendants de services Internet au Canada. Notre couverture de réseau de la côte est à la côte ouest couvre l’Ontario, le Québec, le Manitoba, la Saskatchewan, l’Alberta et la Colombie-Britannique. Nous avons plus de 300 employés qui fournissent des services à plus de 160 000 clients avec un téléphone 24 x 7, un chat en direct et un support par courrier électronique en 8 langues. Nous avons classé le 25ème rang de la société à croissance rapide parmi les entreprises au Canada. En 2015, nous avons attribué à speedtest.net une vitesse plus rapide classée au quatrième rang parmi les fournisseurs de services Internet en Ontario. Récemment, CIK est classé parmi les 10 meilleurs fournisseurs de services Internet les plus performants au Canada en 2016 par PC Magazine.

* Première année 29,99 $ / m; Après 39,99 $ / m

7 Ways to Protect Yourself Online

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Internet has become very popular and a large percentage of the entire world’s population is now online. Even without stepping out of your home, you can do almost everything with just a few clicks or swipes of your finger. Internet has made our life so much better and easier…or has it? We can do all the banking and pay our bills online; we can do online shopping without going to the mall; some people can even work from home, or attending a school online through the internet. However, the more time you spend and rely on the internet, meaning the more you expose yourself to the online world, giving hackers more opportunities and eventually put yourself in danger.

To protect yourself online, here are few things you can do:

  1. A smart and strong password that make no sense

For everything that needs a password, you can create a complex password and make it difficult to guess. Use a random password that has no meaning. Try to have your password that contains capital letters, numbers, special characters, and more than six characters. Avoid using any personal information such as your name, day of birth, or cell phone number in your password. If possible, try not to use the same password for every account you have. And most importantly, change your password once in a while.

  1. Protect your personal information

There are lots of websites and social media that allow you to put your personal information such as date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, etc. However, sharing your personal information online is similar to sharing it to the public. Unless it is necessary and mandatory, otherwise do not over share information and reveal too much about yourself on the internet.

Furthermore, be careful about sending any personal information through online communications such as email and instant messaging programs, unless you really know who they are.

  1. Avoid clicking on pop-up windows

When you browse the web you are sometimes presented with pop-up windows. Clicking and closing on one of these pop-up windows might actually infect your computer with spywares. Don’t ever trust the buttons that labelled “Cancel” or “Close” anywhere in a pop-up window. To safely close a pop-up window, you should close it on the taskbar or Windows Task Manager.

  1. Check URLs, don’t click on email links or attachments you don’t recognize

You should be careful before clicking on any links and attachment that you don’t recognize. Hackers can harvest usernames and password through those links. Even though the link looks like the one you used to use, make sure to double check, because there are a lot of fake websites that look like the original ones but the URLs are slightly different.

  1. Secure your wireless connection

Consistently change your network’s name and password (as mentioned above, the password should be strong and complex). Try not to provide personal information while using the public Wi-Fi network.

  1. Install security/ anti-virus software

An updated security/ anti-virus software will give you protection from cyberspace threats such as  adware, identity theft, spam, spyware and virus.

  1. Monitor children’s online activities

There are lots of information and danger zones online. You can put the computer in a common area so you can easily monitor while they are using the computers. Also, you can install a kid Wi-Fi to control and monitor their online activity.


Protect yourself online. Enjoy the fun and freedom that internet gives you!

CIK 120M Unlimited Internet Special Offer for West Coast area

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CIK now has limited time Internet special for new customers of West Coast (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan)!

Don’t have to worry about your monthly Internet bill anymore. With our online exclusive plan, you will have our ultrafast Internet possible in the market with an unbeatable price.

Details of the Plan:

  •    120M UNLIMITED Cable Internet
  •    $49.99/month*
  •    2-year price guarantee
  •    No contract
  •    Hardware Free to use
  •    Deal expires on May 31st, 2017



DON’T MISS OUT. Sign up for our online exclusive plan now.

Understand Your Internet Usage and Avoid Bill Shock

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Why is my broadband usage so high? I have never used this much of data before. Why is my monthly internet bill so expensive? Have you ever asked yourself this kind of questions? Before answering that, you may want to know how much data you are using every day. Someone might have an unlimited data plan, and do not have to worry their data usage at all; some of them may have a limited data usage for their internet plan and have to be very careful of their usage. Otherwise, you will be billed for overage accordingly.  For example, do you know how much data you will be using just to check an email, or watch a HD video on YouTube?

Below are some examples of data use:

Download a HD Movie (2 hours) 4.2 GB
Download a SD Movie (2 hours) 1 – 1.9 GB
Stream 4k video (1 hour) 7 GB
Stream HD video (1 hour) 2 GB
Stream non-HD video (1 hour) 700 MB
Instagram 720 MB
FaceTime 85MB
Facebook (1 hour) 80 MB
Music (1 album, 10 tracks) 80 – 100 MB
Online Gaming (1 hour) 20-75 MB
One email with attachment 3MB
One email with text only 0,035MB

Note: All data shown are an approximate number. Actual usage may vary.

To determine how much data you need every month, you can track your previous history. Most companies allow you to check your usage by looking at your account details online. There also are lots of programs that can be installed to monitor your usage.

What kind of internet user do you consider yourself to be? As you can see from the chart above, if you are just browsing the web, checking emails and reading news online, you probably do not need a lot of data every month. However, if you stream a lot, especially HD videos, then you probably need to use a lot more data.

In order to avoid data overuse and bill shock, make sure you have the right plan. CIK offers different plans with unbeatable price along with different speeds. Most importantly, all the internet plans are unlimited and you do not have to worry going over the limit at all. You will definitely find a plan that fits you the best with CIK.

Determine an Internet Plan Fits You the Best

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Internet has become prevalent in the past decade. Everything needs an internet connection now such as your computer, smart-watch, smart-phone, security system, etc. You probably cannot do many things without the internet, or the majority of your life relies on the use of internet. In additional to that, internet usage tends to increase by a lot every year as the tech marketplace is quickly growing every day.

There are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the market. Choosing the right internet plan is very important, but will be a frustrating process as well. There are a few things you need to considerate, such as the prices, speed, usage and does the ISP you want provides any service in your area.

The most common type of internet service will be broadband, which is an internet connection via DSL, cable, or fiber networks.  Dial-up internet is an internet service that connects users to the internet through a telephone line. However, it has become less common these days.

Pros and Cons for DSL, Cable, and Fiber:

  •    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

Through DSL internet, you will be using telephone network wires connect to the internet.


–          Provide stable and high-speed internet.

DSL is a dedicated line, which means you are the only one that uses the line that runs to your home, you will always get a consistent speed


–          Speed might not be the same comparing to other people on the same plan. The speed depends on the distance between you and your internet service provider, the further you are from the provider, the less strength of the internet connection you might have, vice versa.

–          It also requires an active phone line. You have two options, either you have an active service with a telephone provider, or you need to run a dry loop to your home, which cost additional monthly fee.

  • Cable

–          Broadband internet delivered via coaxial television cables


–          Usually, cable internet is faster compared to DSL internet

–          Unlike DSL internet, since information travels through coaxial cables, which are heavily shielded, distance is not a huge concern


–          Cable is a shared connection, which means you might be sharing the cable internet with your neighbours, and therefore, sometime might experience slower internet speed, especially during peak time.

  • Fiber-optic Internet

–          Connection is carried by modulated light through optic fiber, which are some thin glass wires inside a larger protective cable


–          Extremely fast and stable internet connection


–          Not widely available

–          Very  costly to implement the fiber system

Furthermore, understanding the broadband data caps is very important. There are so many internet plans in the market, some of them offer unlimited data plans, while some offer plans with limited data caps. You have to know what your bandwidth need is, because you will be charged the overage fee if you go over your limit.

CIK web banner -Internet Plan -v2

Choosing the right internet plan might be very annoying. If you are still looking for a plan that meets your need, CIK might be a good solution to you. CIK Telecom offers different types of internet plans with unbeatable prices, and you will definitely find a plan that fits you the best.

The Best Broadband Internet Deals in Your Area

Finding the best broadband internet deals can be a bit of a minefield because there are so many options. If you’re looking for hot broadband deals, you’ve come to the right place! CIK Telecom is now offering great Internet packages to new residential customers.


Get the unbeatable Internet package in your area

West Coast: 120M High Speed Internet ONLY $59.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • FREE unlimited Canada-wide home phone
  • AC router FREE to use
  • 2 years price guarantee

Ontario: 15M High Speed Internet ONLY $39.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • FREE unlimited Canada-wide home phone
  • AC router FREE to use
  • 2 years price guarantee

Quebec: 10M FiberLite Internet ONLY $29.99/m


  • Unlimited usage
  • 2 years price guarantee

Limited time only; don’t miss it out. Visit http://www.ciktel.com to get incredible and consistently fast internet, home phone, and Cable TV service at a great price.

CIK Telecom is one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Canada. Our network coverage from East Coast to West Coast, cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We have over 300 employees providing services to over 160,000 customers with 24 x 7 phone, live chat, and email support in 8 languages. We ranked 25th of the Fastest growing company among companies in Canada. In year 2015, we awarded speedtest.net Faster speed ranking number 4th among Internet service providers in Ontario. Recently, CIK is ranked as one of the Top 10 Fastest ISPs in Canada in 2016 by PC Magazine.