CBC Recommend CIK Telecom to Help You Save Money

CIK Telecom offer Internet, TV and home phone packages across Canada with competitive rates. Recently CIK Telecom is recommended by CBC News as one of the telecom companies that help customers to save big money on their telecom bills.  (http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/phone-tv-internet-bills-telco-1.3868187) To express the appreciation for this honor, we are pleased to offer a limited-time promotion to all new customers.


Get the unbeatable Internet package in your area

Ontario:  ONLY $59.99/month*(^50M High Speed Internet double bundle with Internet and Home Phone)

Quebec:  ONLY $29.99/month(10M High Speed Internet)

West Coast: ONLY $69.99/month*(^120M High Speed Internet double bundle with Internet and Home Phone

Package details

High speed Internet with unlimited usage

Home Phone unlimited Canada-wide calling

2 years price guarantee*(conditions may applied)

^Free upgrade 3 in 1 1000M AC router modem and hardware free rental

What’s more

Order the Internet packages above, enjoy our special promotion NOT SO SKINNY package at ONLY $19.99/m. With over 60+ channels and SPORTSNET channels included. (This offer not available in Quebec).

Don’t wait any longer. Visit www.ciktel.com to get incredible and consistently fast internet, home phone, and Cable TV service at a great price.

CIK Telecom is one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Canada. Our network coverage from East Coast to West Coast, cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We have over 300 employees providing services to over 160,000 customers with 24 x 7 phone, live chat, and email support in 8 languages. We ranked 25th of the Fastest growing company among companies in Canada. In year 2015, we awarded speedtest.net Faster speed ranking number 4th among Internet service providers in Ontario. Recently, CIK is ranked as one of the Top 10 Fastest ISPs in Canada in 2016 by PC Magazine.


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